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Metal Amy
Metal Amy
Biographical information

Dr. Eggman

Physical description

Amy Rose

  • Colour: Pink and Red
  • Eyes: Yellow
Political Alignment and Abilities

Metal Amy is a Badnik modeled after Amy Rose and built by Dr. Eggman. She is a member of the Metal Series.


Metal Amy was deployed with Metal Tails and Metal Sonic under the group name, Team Metal, as part of an invasion of New Mobotropolis. She was destroyed by Big during this battle while Silver secretly used his powers to stop her. (StH: #240)


Metal Amy's dress holds a jet, enabling her flight. She also can turn her hands into metallic Piko Piko Hammers.

Background Information

  • Metal Amy has no direct game counterpart; though based off robots like Metal Sonic and Metal Knuckles, no version of Metal Amy had appeared in the games prior to her introduction.

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