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Armand D'Coolette and the Mes Braves Battalion outside Fort Acorn

The "Mes Braves" Battalion was the Royal Army garrison posted at Fort Acorn at the border of Robotropolis for the purpose of maintaining the protective shield around the city to prevent the harmful radioactive waste being released. Under the command of General Armand D'Coolette, the one who coined their name, the battalion took part in the fight against the Xorda. They later returned to their position at the Fort and, reinforced by the Chaotix and G.U.N. commandos, they successfully defended the Fort and city from Dr. Eggman's attack force. (StH: #125, #131, #132, #133)

After Armand's death, the fort came under the command of Amadeus Prower who proudly defended it against an assult by the Iron King himself in Armand's honor. (StH: #207)

It should be noted that the Mes Braves Battalion was seen using guns, despite the Kingdom of Acorn's ban on such weapons. It is possible the ban was lifted during Sonic's year-long absence.

Background Information

  • "Mes braves" can essentially be translated as "my brave ones."

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