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Merin-Da becoming ill in Mobius Prime with Luger at her side

Merin-Da was the first wife of the Dark Legion's third Grandmaster, Luger. The two consumated their relationship with Merin-Da giving birth to the twins Lien-Da and Kragok. When the barriers between the Twilight Zone and Mobius Prime weakened, Luger led the Dark Legion out of their zone of imprisonment. However, Merin-Da became incredibly ill upon entering Mobius Prime, and in an effort to save her Luger ordered the Dark Legion to return to the Twilight Zone. However, Merin-Da succumbed to her illness, leaving her twins motherless and her husband emotionally scarred. (SSS: #11)

Background Information


Spaz's sketch of Merin-Da

A sketch design from Patrick "Spaz" Spaziante for Merin-Da was available in StH #115.

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