The Memory Neutralizing Chip is a chip installed in the brains of the Dark Legionnaires upon their birth or joining the Dark Legion. When activated, it wipes the subject's memories. Three known Legionnaires have been affected by theirs; the first two were Remington and his mother Eli-Za after they fled the Twilight Cage in order to find a new life away from Kragok and the Legion. Julie-Su was later affected by hers, as it was used to make her unaware of her relation to Grandmaster Luger and her step-siblings, Kragok and Lien-Da (thinking she'd be an obstacle in their pursuit of power), and then to forget her adoptive parents when it was feared they'd reveal the truth of her family to her. Ironically, her memory erasings ultimately resulted in her abandoning the Legion as she felt she had no initiative to follow the group. (SSS: #11, CSE)

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