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Mega Man Killers
Mega Man Killers
Form of Group and Statistics

Elite robot fighters


Year 20XX (Alternate Earth)

Resident location 
Other names
  • Rockman Killers (RKN)
  • Mirror Buster
  • Screw Crusher
  • Ballade Cracker
  • MKN-001 Enker
  • MKN-002 Punk
  • MKN-003 Ballade
For further reading on the Mega Man Killers outside of the "Worlds Collide" crossover, check out Enker, Punk, and Ballade's articles on Mega Man Monthly.

The Mega Man Killers are a trio of Robot Masters specifically created by Dr. Wily to counter and destroy Mega Man. The group was used by Wily and Eggman to defend the Wily Egg from Sonic the Hedgehog and Mega Man.


Defending the Wily Egg

In the altered timeline produced by the second Genesis Wave, the Mega Man Killers had previously fought and been destroyed by Mega Man. However, thanks to the time-warping properties of the Skull Egg Zone, Dr. Eggman and Dr. Wily were able to time-clone them from before their confrontations with Mega Man. As a result, they had no memory of previously being defeated by him, and fought savagely to defend the Wily Egg from intruders. Sonic managed to fool Punk into crushing Enker and Rush restrained Punk so Mega Man could destroy him. However, before the group could defeat Ballade, one of his Ballade Crackers seriously injured Tails. Mega Man destroyed Ballade with his buster while Rush escorted Tails out of the fortress.(MM: #27)


Each of the Mega Man Killers possesses their own unique gimmick, designed to counter Mega Man's conventional fighting style. Enker wields a double-headed javelin, known as the Mirror Buster. He can spin it at great speeds to absorb and deflect attacks, such as Mega Buster shots. Punk is able to curl into a spiked ball and propel himself forward at high speeds, not unlike Sonic's Spin-Dash. Ballade is strong, agile, and can shoot specialized explosives called Ballade Crackers.

Background Information

  • The group's "MKN" serial number stands for Mega Man Killer Number.
  • Punk is the only Mega Man Killer to not speak in the crossover.
  • Mega Man tells Ballade that he had "self-destructed to save [him] once", a reference to the ending of "Mega Man IV" for the GameBoy.
  • Each Mega Man Killer's name is based on a form of music. Enker's name is derived from "Enka", a popular musical genre in Japan. Punk's name is derived from "Punk Rock", another popular musical genre. Ballade's name is a reference to the Classical music form of "Ballade", a one-movement piece with dramatic narrative qualities.

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