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The Overlander city of Mega Central

Mega Central was an Overlander city on Mobius. Prior to the Great War, Mega Central was home to a cult of technomages who practised Magitek. By the time the Great War had started, Mega Central made Magitek illegal and the cult's members were arrested, most presumably executed. One member, Regina Ferrum, who was only a young lady at the time, was spared the death penalty by the High Chancellor and sentenced to exile. (StH: #202)

Unlike Megapolis, its citizens remained on Mobius after the Overlanders' defeat in the Great War. One of its citizens was captured in 3235 by Dr. Ivo Robotnik and used as a test subject for the Ultimate Annihilator. The Overlanders in Mega Central were totally unaware that Julian Kintobor was the "dreaded Dr. Robotnik" according to the test subject. (SSS: #6)

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