-King Arthur

King Arthur, ruler of the Medieval Zone.

The Medieval Zone is a zone which is a medieval version of Mobius Prime. Many of the residents of this zone resemble characters from the legends of King Arthur. The knights of the round table, made up of counterparts of Knuckles, Blaze and Shadow, serve their once-great King Arthur. At one point, King Arthur wished death to his royal wizard Merlina and chased after her with an army of monstrous knights. Merlina summoned a version of Sonic the Hedgehog from another zone into her realm in the hopes of defeating the corrupted king, who had then became known as the infamous Black Knight. Sonic defeated his army of monstrous knights, but before he could take on the king himself, Merlina pulled him back and they disappeared in a whirlwind of smoke and dust. King Arthur then ordered his three Mobian knights Lancelot, Percival and Gawain to spread out and kill the two of them on sight. Though some of them expressed doubts in their king and his orders, they proceeded on the mission nonetheless. (StH: #197)


Background Information

  • The zone was based on the Sonic game called Sonic and the Black Knight, and featured some of the characters from the game. The only significant characters who failed to appear were as follows:
    • Caliburn
    • The Lady of the Lake-a double of Amy Rose
    • The Blacksmith-a double of Tails
  • Due to the Zone's brief appearance, the following characters from the Black Knight game were likewise excluded:
    • The Underworld Army
    • Sir Lamorak (a non-story multiplayer character)-double of Jet the Hawk
    • Sir Galahad (also a non-story character)-double of Silver the Hedgehog
  • This Zone was visited by a version of Sonic, but it is unknown whether it was the main Sonic or his counterpart from the Another Time in Another Place dimension, though the latter seems more likely.

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