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Maximillian Acorn (Litigopolis)

Maximillian Acorn in Litigopolis.

In the Litigopolis Zone, Maximillian Acornwas the King of Litigopolis. When crime in Litigopolis became worse and no one respected the law or the police, King Acorn made the laws tougher, such as fifty years in jail for robbery. However, as the laws got strict for real criminals, so did the laws for everyone else, causing people to get arrested and sued for things such as burning someones tongue by selling them a hot dog. (SSS: #14)

Eventually, King Acorn hired Robotnik Enterprises to build the J.U.D.G.E., a super-computer specifically designed to to enforce all the new laws and keep up with all the lawsuits. However, once the J.U.D.G.E. was online, he completely took over the government and King Acorn was put in jail for life plus one thousand years for not being able to lower the crime rate sooner. (SSS: #14)

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