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For other versions, see Maximillian Acorn (disambiguation).

Maximillian Acorn
Biographical information


Physical description


  • Fur: Dark auburn
  • Eyes: Blue
Political Alignment and Abilities
  • Leadership skills
  • Skilled swordsman
Notable Super Forms



Maximillian Acorn (Light Mobius) is the Light Mobius counterpart of Maximillian Acorn from Mobius Prime.


25 Years Later (Unaltered)

Before the crisis that resulted in the alteration of the timeline, King Max remained the ruler of Mobius for the first two years of Sonic and Sally's marriage. According to Sally, Sonic didn't mind it and would have been happy if she had given up the crown. This information was not well-known, as some people, such as Julie-Su, thought that Sonic became king just after the wedding. (StH: #136)

Background Information

  • It is unknown whether or not he is alive in the altered timeline as he has yet to make an appearance. However, it is possible that the statue is made in honor and memory of him after his unknown and possible death.

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