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Wily and Eggman with Master Engine

The Master Engine.

The Master Engine is a device that draws the power of merged worlds from the Unity Engines, and in turn feeds it into Sigma-1.


Worlds Unite

Sigma drawing from Master Engine

Sigma drawing power from the Master Engine.

Sigma had Dr. Eggman and Dr. Wily build the Master Engine and the Unity Engines after taking over the Lost Hex, and contemplated the immense power he would gain through its use. His dream began to be realized when the pair of engines set up on Earth 20XX and Sonic's World began feeding power to the Master Engine, which began feeding it into Sigma. Upon joining the force of heroes aboard the Sky Patrol, the two doctors revealed that Sigma's plan was to merge even more worlds together, granting him unimaginable power. (SU: #76, #77; MM: #50)

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