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A Marriage, or a Wedding, is a ceremonial practice in which two individuals are committed into living a life together. It is a common practice on Sonic's World.

Individuals who are set to be married in the near-future are referred to as Engaged.

Not all marriages are life-lasting, as it is always a possibility for the couple to grow apart. This usually results on the marriage ending in a Divorce.

Known Marriages

Prime Zone

Couple Date/Issue
Antoine D'Coolette and Bunnie Rabbot
Unnamed Couple


Wedding ceremonies usually see the Bride (female) donning a white dress and veil, while the Groom (male) typically wears a formal suit (usually a dark colour). (StH: #264)

The climax of the ceremony has been seen to be commemorated by the release of a flock of Flicky. (StH: #264)

A marriage proposal can be performed in a number of ways. The traditional method involves one member of the couple kneeling down on one knee, sometimes with the presentation of an engagement ring, and the question of marriage being asked. (SSD: #8)

Background Information

  • All of the marriages shown in the comic so far have been between opposite sex couples (one male and one female). Ian Flynn confirmed on his forum that he believes that LGBT (homosexual, bisexual, transsexual/gender, et el.) individuals exist on Sonic's world like in the real world, and that they are all treated equally. With this in mind, it can be assumed that same-sex marriage also takes place on Sonic's World.

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