You may be looking for Marine the Raccoon of the Sol Zone.
Marine ATAP

Marine at the Olympics.

Marine the Raccoon (Another Time, Another Place) is an alternate version of Marine the Raccoon from the Another Time, Another Place Zone. Like her Sol Zone counterpart, Marine is an acquaintance and friend of her universe's Sonic the Hedgehog.


Olympic Trials

When Sonic the Hedgehog and his various friends gathered for the Olympic Games, Marine was amongst those who assembled for the events. She and Cream the Rabbit were watching the hurdle race when their friends Amy, Rouge, and Blaze-who were competing-were captured by Dr. Eggman. Marine took charge and led Cream to alert Sonic, only to witness Shadow and Tails' capture. The pair were then captured themselves by Orbot and Cubot, but were rescued thanks to Sonic's efforts. (StH: #242)

Background Information

  • Marine's appearance in the Olympic Trials story is something of an oddity, as Marine has not appeared in any of the Mario & Sonic at the Olypmic Games titles, which the story seems to have been inspired by, except as a Mii costume. Presumably, Marine met Sonic in this universe through events similar to the plot of the Sonic Rush Adventure game.


Marine shares her appearance and wardrobe with her Sol Zone counterpart.

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