You may be looking for the article on the Nocturnus Clan from Mobius Prime.

Form of Group and Statistics
  • Criminal Group/Echidna tribe
Resident location 

Versions from Mobius Prime

Other names
  • Marauders
  • Lasers
  • Shade (high-ranking commander)

Versions from Mobius Prime

  • Pir'Oth Ix

Versions from Mobius Prime


The Marauders (aka Nocturnus Clan) are a group of armored echidnas who battled Knuckles the Echidna over a Chaos Emerald in an alternate reality.


Stealing the Chaos Emeralds

The Marauders appeared on Sonic's world and began stealing the seven Chaos Emeralds until only one was left. That one was in the care of Knuckles the Echidna, who had Tails build a trap out of parts from the Tornado. The Marauders quickly arrived after the trap was set and temporarily captured three of them, but they used their laser weapons to destroy the trap and break free. But Knuckles wasn't going to let them escape and took them on, only for more Marauders to teleport from nowhere and fight Knuckles. Despite their superior numbers, Knuckles was able to hold them off until their leader Shade stepped in and defeated him. They then objected to her desire to take Knuckles prisoner, but were overruled and forced to obey. (StH: #191)


Being a group of advanced scientists, the Marauders are equipped with very advanced technology such as laser blasters built into their armor and teleporting devices. They also seem to have trackers that can detect Chaos Emeralds judging by how quickly they knew about the Chaos Emerald in the trap Knuckles and Tails had set up. (StH: #191)

Background Information

  • The story the Marauders debuted in was the comic adaptation of the game Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood. Like the Sonic and the Black Knight and Sonic Unleashed adaptations, this story was said to take place in "another time and place." Writer Ian Flynn has stated that the above is a separate continuity from the regular comic, at the moment. This site considered this to mean it takes place in an alternative zone or universe.
  • Sonic Super Special Magazine #2 explains how the Nocturnus Clan were banished to the same zone that the Dark Legion was eventually banished to. As to speculation on if these two distinct but similar groups ever met, is still unknown. It is also unknown if this information applies to the Nocturnus Clan in this article since it is from an alternate reality than the one mentioned in the magazine.
  • In the aforementioned Sonic Chronicles and on Mobius Prime, the Nocturnus are led by a white-furred Echidna known as Imperator Ix. Since this article is for the Nocturnus Clan in an alternate reality, this may or may not apply to this article.
  • There exists an alternate version of the Sonic Chronicles backup story featuring the Marauders.[1] Originally, the story was to take place in Archie canon (featuring Julie-Su, Mighty and Vector along with Knuckles, Shade and the Marauders), but Sega changed plans after it was penciled and inked, requiring the story in its entirety to be re-done in the non-canon adaption that would later be printed in #191. Writer Ian Flynn stated that there was a chance the original story could be completed and officially printed, but due to the Ken Penders case this is now impossible. [2]

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