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After several months, SEGA officially announced on July 20, 2017 that they have ended their partnership with Archie Comics Publications, officially bringing the Sonic the Hedgehog comic book series to an end after an incredible 24 year run. The wiki will continue to add any missing information on what has been released so far.

UPDATE: it was subsequently announced on July 22, 2017 that SEGA have teamed up with IDW Publishing to produce a new Sonic the Hedgehog comic series set for release next year. The exact nature of this upcoming series, specifically whether or not it shall bear any relation to Archie's series, is currently unknown. If you wish to add any information about the IDW Sonic the Hedgehog comic series, please visit this wikis sister site: IDW Sonic Hub

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Beauregard Rabbot

Beau rabbot

Beauregard Rabbot (pronounced ra-boh), also known as The Baron, is the Grandmaster of the Great Desert chapter of the Dark Egg Legion and the uncle of Bunnie "Rabbot" D'Coolette. He was one of the many Robians who was pitted against the denizens of Sand Blast City before the mass de-robotization by the Bem. Afterwards, Beauregard and the other former robians went to the Eggman Empire for aid after claims of prejudice by the Sand-Blasters and were legionized and tasked with protecting the Oil Ocean Refinery. This would bring Beauregard into direct conflict with the Sand-Blasters, and would lead to encounters with his niece and other, more noble Freedom Fighters.

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Sonic the Hedgehog #160


It's Sonic's birthday, and he's just been presented with the newly-refurbished, original Freedom Fighter's base, first shown way back in Sonic #1! It doesn't take long for the festivities to become fearsome, as Bark and Bean crash the party on Robotnik's orders! Meanwhile, Rouge and Evil Sonic both have their eyes on pilfering the Master Emerald. It's a birthday "celebration" the Blue Blur will never forget! Featuring a birthday blastin' cover by party favorin' fan-fave, Spaz!

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