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Mobius Encyclopaedia is a collaborative project to create the most definitive, accurate, and accessible encyclopedia and reference for everything related to the Archie Sonic the Hedgehog universe. Mobius Encyclopaedia started in September 2007, and currently consists of 3,110 articles!

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Articles on this website are kept up to date, and may contain spoilers from the newest issues. Read articles at your own risk.

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PLEASE NOTE (UPDATE 4/19): although publications have started being released again, release dates for previously solicited issues are still in the process of being changed and shuffled around. For this reason, release dates shall only be added once they are announced during the lead-up to said release (e.g. when the impending release of an issue is announced a month or so in advance). This practice shall be ceased once the release dates have caught up with the latest solicitations.

Featured Article

Dr. Eggman Nega

Eggman Nega

Dr. Eggman Nega

Dr. Eggman Nega is a villainous scientist from Silver's Future who has often plagued both the Prime Zone's present day and the Sol Zone, where he and his robotic minions often clash with Blaze the Cat for possession of the Sol Emeralds.

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In this month...


Sonic the Hedgehog #152


Dr. Eggman's Nanite city is expanding and consuming everything in its wake! The Freedom Fighters are out to stop it in its tracks, but things are shaky between Sonic and the other ladies of the group! Can the teams overcome the damage caused by recent events in time, and more importantly, can they really trust their unexpected new ally...

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