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Regina Young01

A young Regina learning Magitek from an elder cult member

Magitek was a mystical art of controlling electrical impulses and electronic s ignals. Years before the Great War, a cult of technomages secretly practiced magitek in the city of Mega Central. The Overlander cult was known to train their youth at a young age in the arts of magitek, as Regina Ferrum's training began when she was only a child. By the time the Great War had begun, Magitek was made illegal in Mega Central, and all of the cult members were subsequently imprisoned or executed. Regina was spared by the High Chancellor due to her young age, but was exiled from the city. No other Magitek cults were known within the Overlander cities by Regina, and she is presumably the last person alive who practices the art. (StH: #202)

Magitek is a corruption of Ixis Magicks, arising along with other types of black magic after the fall of the Order of Ixis. (CSE

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