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The Magesteron in space.

The Magesteron was a D'Novulan vessel and intergalactic trading freighter run by Captain Oe and his "help-hands", which included Helmsman Lu.


Whilst Sonic was stranded far away from Mobius on Thoraxia, he gained passage on board to travel to the trading hub of Mezzo Jillion in order to improve his chances of returning home. Unfortunately the Magesteron was traveling through the star system that contained the planet Cemerant-16 just as it exploded. The resultant blast scattered planetary debris in all directions which struck the ship and ruptured its hull plating, forcing an immediate evacuation of all hands. Only one known life was lost in the event, Captain Oe, who gave up his escape pod in order to let Sonic escape with his life. (StH: #127)

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