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Liu Fang
Liu Fang
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Sonic Super Special #8

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Liu Fang is a Mobian Rabbit from the Dragon Kingdom and the brother of Liu Chi Mei. In Leung Kar, he and his sister were the only two villagers who helped Monkey Khan defeat the Yagyu Clan and recover the items they stole from the Temple of the Golden Lotus by fighting the robot dragon Kamezon. (SSS: #8)


Liu Fang stands guard.

Liu Fang later moved to Stormtop Village and was stationed as a guard above the Iron Queen's cell. He was rendered unconscious by Snively when the latter came to rescue the Iron Queen. (StH: #222), SU: #39)

Background Information

  • Though Liu Fang's species was never specifically stated, the fact that he had rather large ears and that Monkey Khan referred to him as "Hoppy" can support the assumption that he and his sister are rabbits. This was later confirmed on the Archie Comics website.
  • Liu Fang's name probably comes from Liu Fang, a pipa player.

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