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This is Mobius Encyclopaedia's article on Little Planet from Mobius Prime. You may be looking for the article on Little Planet from Another Time, Another Place. "Nicholas O'Tyme" redirects here.
Little Planet

The mysterious Little Planet.

Little Planet, sometimes called "Miracle Planet", is a tiny planetoid that passes Mobius once a year.


Little Planet passes over Never Lake once a year for a month. The place is steeped in mystery and hosts a number of advanced urban settings that are perfectly integrated with their local environments. If there is anyone living there, they do not make themselves known. There are rumors, however, that the planet is home to either a mystical Owl spirit known as Nicholas O'Tyme or an elite order known as the Knight of Kronos. Little Planet hosts the seven hexagonal Time Stones and was a closely guarded secret of Albion and watched over by its steward, the latest being King Rob 'o the Hedge, so the threat of invaders is low. (SSSM: #3, CSE)




Background Information

  • Little Planet made its debut in the Sonic series in the game Sonic CD.
  • The backstory on Little Planet and the Time Stones from Sonic Super Special Magazine Issue 3 appears to be inspired both by the Sonic CD game and the SatAM two-part episode: "Blast from the Past."
  • Karl Bollers had planned an arc called "The Little Planet" that was to expand the adaption of Sonic CD and the backstory of Amy Rose
  • The planet seemed to be referenced by Mari-An when she said that "it not supposed to be here for another week." in StH: #194. Also it seemed indirectly hinted again when Espio told Bow Sparrow that the Eggman Empire lost the royal Mercian family in Never Lake, which left Bow relieved with some signifigance in SU: #47.
  • Nicholas O'Tyme is likely intended to be the unnamed Keeper of the Time Stones from the Sonic the Hedgehog animated series episode Blast to the Past, Part 1. In keeping with Ian Flynn's tendency to combine aspects of various Sonic media into the comics, the two time stones he guarded are counted as part of the seven originally featured in the game Sonic CD. His name is undoubtedly a pun based on the old saying "in the nick of time".

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