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Knuckles looking for Fire-Ants in Lava Reef.

Lava Reef Zone is a region on Angel Island consisting of volcantic activity. Before the interrupted Super Genesis Wave altered reality, many fire ants lived in the region. (KtE: #7)


Resisting the Dingo Regime

Lava Reef Zone was used by the Dark Egg Legion as a hiding place during their resistance of the Dingo Regime under Kage Von Stryker's rule. When SonicKnuckles, and the Chaotix went to free Locke from captivity, they encoutered the Dark Legion in the Lava Reef. After a short battle was broken up by Lara-Le, the Dark Legion, Chaotix, and Sonic left the Lava Reef via a portal ring to arrive in the Hidden Palace Zone. (StH#138,)

Background Information

  • Lava Reef Zone was based on the level of the same name in the video game, Sonic & Knuckles.

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