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Lava Reef Zone is a region on Angel Island consisting primarily of volcanic activity. Before the interrupted Super Genesis Wave altered reality, many fire ants lived in the region. (KtE: #7)

Repairing the Death Egg

After his defeat at the hands of Sonic and Tails in the skies above Launch Base Zone, Dr. Eggman's Death Egg crash landed once again on Angel Island, this time on top of the volcanic crater, Lava Reef Zone. He eventually obtained the Master Emerald from the Hidden Palace Zone during a battle between Sonic and Knuckles and used it as an energy source to fuel his Death Egg. His repaired flying fortress then took off into the sky with Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles in pursuit. (VG: S3aK, SU: #64)

Knuckles later passed through Lava Reef Zone to reach Hidden Palace Zone in pursuit of a fleeing EggRobo controlled by Dr. Julian Snively, Dr. Eggman's assistant, after multiple encounters on the island. (VG: S3aK, SU: #70)

Resisting the Dingo Regime


Knuckles looks for Fire-Ants in Lava Reef.

Lava Reef Zone was used by the Dark Legion as a hiding place during their resistance of the Dingo Regime under Kage Von Stryker's rule. When Sonic, Knuckles, and the Chaotix went to free Locke from captivity, they encountered the Dark Legion in the Lava Reef. After a short battle was broken up by Lara-Le, the Dark Legion, Chaotix, and Sonic left the Lava Reef via a portal ring to arrive in the Hidden Palace Zone. (StH: #138, #139)

Lava Reef Zone was based on the level of the same name in the video game, Sonic & Knuckles.

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