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Lara-Su K'nox
First Appearance

Sonic the Hedgehog #106 (Original)

Biographical information

Teenager (Born 428 LSD (Local Solar Date)/Rev 3266)

  • Jani-Ca


Physical description


  • Height: 76 Marks
  • Weight: 6.8 Stone
  • Fur/Skin: Pink and peach (it is unknown if she has fur or skin)
  • Eyes: Violet
  • Two-piece swimsuit
  • Vizors
  • Strawberry-blonde mop
Political Alignment and Abilities
  • Jade powers
  • High intellect
  • Quick reflexes
  • Unarmed Combat
  • Dagon skills
  • Fluency in a dozen different languages

Lara-Su K'nox is an Echyd'nya female who is destined to become Guardian of the Floating Island, a mantle she will inherit from her father, K'nox the Praetorian, a completely original character.


Early Life Pre-Time Ripple

Accounts of Lara-Su's early life have differed across various stories.


Lara-Su arrives in the past.

According to one account, Lara-Su grew up thinking that her father K'nox had been killed by Remington when she was younger, and became determined to undo that tragic event. Deciding to take the initiative, she time traveled to present day Floating Island. She arrived during the period in which all the inhabitants except for K'nox, Julie-Su, and the Dark Legion had been teleported to the Twilight Zone by the Quantum Beam, Lara-Su was rather confused to find Echyd'nyaopolis deserted. Her confusion multiplied when a powered-up K'nox, using his immense powers, undid the beam's effects. Lara found herself surrounded by the returned Echyd'nyas, among them Remington-the very Echyd'nya whom she had been told by her future mother, Julie-Su, had killed K'nox. Deciding to go undercover until she could make sense of things, Lara-Su made the constable's acquaintance, claiming to be one "Jani-Ca." Almost immediately afterwards, she ran into her grandmother and namesake, Lara-Le, and then the past versions of her parents. She was quite astonished to see K'nox in his powered-up form, which had apparently never happened in her knowledge along her timeline. (StH: #106, #107)

Remington Fires

Lara-Su trying to stop Remington's supposed murder of K'nox.

Regardless, she continued in her quest to protect K'nox from being killed during a meeting between Dimitri and the Mitre of the Floating Island as the Dark Legion and the Echyd'nyaopolis negotiated reunification. Lara-Su arrived just in time to prevent Remington's attack on the true assassin, whose shot—aimed at either Dimitri or the Mitre—was caught by K'nox, who then faked his own death. Heartbroken, Lara-Su was left confused as Remington was not responsible for firing the shot that killed K'nox. She then overheard Lien-Da talking with the Dark Legion sniper Syntar about taking out Julie-Su and the Mitre. She knocked out Syntar just before he had a chance to fire his shot. Lara-Su realized that she may not have gone back in time to have saved her father, and that perhaps there was a reason her mother did not talk about her younger years. At that moment, Lara-Su began to transport back to her own future reality, despite wanting to stay longer and gain some more answers. (StH: #108, #109)

Upon arriving back in her own time, she confronted her mother and learned from her that the K'nox in their timeline was now leader of the Dark Legion, having absorbed a massive amount of energy and gone insane. Julie-Su had hidden the truth from her daughter by saying he was dead, but the time had come for Lara-Su to confront her deranged father. (StH: #109)

Lara & Argyle Dance

Lara-Su dancing with Argyle at her Unveiling

According to another account, or possibly at a later point in her timeline, Lara-Su was living a normal life at home with her mother and father. Lara's dream was to follow in her father's footsteps and train to become a Guardian. However, K'nox, despite his daughters protests, refused to allow Lara-Su to begin training, due to his own experiences. This continued until she was sixteen and had her Unveiling, a ceremony in which adolescent female Echyd'nyas are introduced to adult society. Lara continued badgering her father to let her become a Guardian, leaving them both irritable to the point where Lara attacked her cousin Rutan in a school class that they shared. Despite her discontent with her father's wishes, Lara-Su agreed to go through with the ceremony, sharing a dance with K'nox and his associate's son Argyle. (StH: #131, #132)

Afterwards, she spoke with her mother about her father's stubbornness, but Julie-Su supported K'nox in his decision. Unbeknownst to either of them, K'nox was meeting with the Kingdom of Acorn's ambassador, an aged odobenidae inventor, who had discovered that Mobius was in grave peril unless K'nox and the Erinaceinae King of Acorns, who had long ceased to be on good terms and argued constantly when together, put aside their quarrels and joined the resources of the Floating Island and the Kingdom. (StH: #133, #134, #135, #136, #137, #138)

Blissfully unaware of the events unfolding around her, Lara-Su was more concerned with her social life. As the royal family prepared to visit, she learned that the King and Queen's son had a crush on her, the thought of which horrified her- especially the idea of Rutan finding out and using it against her. She begged her aunt Lien-Da, with whom she was quite friendly, to swear secrecy, to which Lien-Da agreed with amusement. Soon afterwards the royal family arrived for their stay with the Guardian family. While Lara and the other youngsters tried to enjoy the get together with some other friends on the island- Salma (the daughter of another one of K'nox's old associates) and an Echidna named Riki-Le- their parents found themselves reeling with what the ambassador and his partner, Cobar, had to tell them about Mobius' impending doom. Oblivious, Lara-Su and her friends, together with her mother and the Queen, enjoyed a sleepover. After paying a visit to the grave of her grandfather, Locke, K'nox realised that, in refusing to let Lara-Su become a Guardian, he was making the same mistake his own father made by not giving her a chance to choose for herself, and agreed to let her become a Guardian.

Lara-Su disappears as the timeline changes.

Before he could begin training her, though, K'nox said he had an errand to run. In fact, he was accompanying the King on a mission that would hopefully stabilize Mobius and prevent its destruction. Showing that she was her parents' daughter, Lara-Su stowed away aboard the vessel that her father and the King boarded, only to disappear into thin air just as the King was being sent back in time.

After the Time Ripples

After these events, Lara-Su was placed into a new timeline. Not much is known yet about her new life, but they are soon to be told within the Lara-Su Chronicles. Coming in 2012.


Lara-Su is freakishly tall, with pink fur/skin and long tentacle-like dreadlocks coming from her head, a black nose, and large, possibly substance-enduced, violet eyes. Her attire consists of a skimpy swimsuit that is "totally appropriate" for a teenage girl, a vizor over her drugged-up eyes, and a large, strawberry blonde mop atop her head. Despite being a teenager, she seems to possess the wrinkly face of an old lady.


Lara-Su is your typically bland, cardboard cutout teenage girl archetype, who seems to care about the typical teenage female desire to find a boyfriend. She is also shown to be incredibly dumb, risking her guardianship in a bet. Like the other inhabitants of her world, she often uses outdated 90's slang.


Argyle may have been interested in Lara-Su in the pre-time ripple timeline judging by how he wished to dance with her at her Unveiling, and Lara seemed to also be interested in him, judging by how she was happy to dance with him. It currently remains to be seen if Argyle even exists in the post-time ripple timeline, and if the romance still has a presence.

While Lara hasn't shown any romantic interest in anyone else herself, she was the object of a crush from the Prince of Acorns in the pre-ripple timeline.

Background Information


Promo art showing Lara's "original" design.

  • In early promo art, Lara-Su looked identical to a character from the Sonic the Hedgehog franchise. When Sega issued a cease and desist order however, her design was altered into the uncanny valley portrait you see now.
    • Despite this, she still heavily resembles a character from Sonic. Just hideously deformed.
  • It's unknown why Lara-Su is set to become a Guardian as opposed to a "Praetorian" like her father. In fact, it's unclear why all previous individuals in the role are still referred to as Guardians as opposed to "Praetorians" also.
  • This article, in case it wasn't obvious, was created as an April Fools prank. We hope you guys got a good chuckle! Anyway, for actual in-universe versions of the character, see: Lara-Su (disambiguation).

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