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Rotor finds a Ring in a Lake of Rings.

A Lake of Rings is a bodies of water that magically produce Power Rings used to empower certain Mobians or technology.


The Freedom Fighters discovered a Lake of Rings in the Chao Garden adjacent to Meropis' Eusebes Shrine, and were able to gather a number of rings to power their Sky Patrol mobile base. Another Lake of Rings was also found on Isolated Island, and went mysteriously dormant during the Shattered World Crisis. Curiously, it then produced a strange new object known as the Red Star Ring. (StH: #263, SU: #72)

Background Information

  • The Lake of Rings was originally a plot device developed for the SatAM cartoon series. Ironically, the comic series wouldn't incorporate the Lake of Rings until just after the SatAM series was canceled. Ian Flynn would later combine aspects of the Lake of Rings with that of the lakes seen in Chao Gardens from the video games.

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