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Knuckles the Echidna
Biographical information
  • Guardian of Angel Island


Physical description


  • Fur: Red
  • Eyes: Purple
  • Skin: Peach
  • White crest on chest
Political Alignment and Abilities
  • Gliding
  • Super Strength

Knuckles the Echidna is the Sonic X Zone counterpart to Knuckles the Echidna. He was transported from his world to the human world using Chaos Control. He guards his zone's Master Emerald from Dr. Eggman and other threats. He is usually guarding the Master Emerald, but when a Chaos Emerald is involved, he is seen trying to find all seven emeralds. 


Early Adventures

Knuckles kept the oath he took to guard the Master Emerald when he arrived on Earth. Sonic would travel to Angel Island and try and persuade him to take a break and go on an adventure with him. Knuckles argued that he swore to guard the Master Emerald and wouldn't go back on his word "unless there is a good reason". Continuing his duties as Guardian, Knuckles noticed a ship off the Emerald Coast and was curious watching Sonic jumping into the ocean. Suspecting that they may be a Chaos Emerald involved, he continued observing until Dr. Eggman arrived with his new Dragonbots. Knuckles helped them by rescuing Chuck from the ocean and was given diving gear to help Sonic, Rouge and Topaz below. They managed to destroy Eggman's Dragonbots and retrieved Captain's Seamus "Red-Eye" Macgriffen's treasure, but found no Chaos Emeralds. (SX: #1#2)

Knuckles joined Sonic and his friends again when he noticed missiles coming from Station Square and suspected Eggman and Sonic fighting. He came to the museum to help them fight Eggman's robots, along with Chuck, Cream and Cheese. He was instantly flirted by Rouge and told that Chris, Topaz, Sam Speed, the President and Mr. Stuart were trapped inside. Knuckles worked with the others and they managed to free Chris from Eggman's control and eventually managed to free the hostages from Eggman's robots and defeat him. (SX: #4)

Chao Crisis

Later, Knuckles would be guarding the Master Emerald when Tikal, Chaos and her army of Chao appeared from it. He would accompany them to Station Square to fight off Eggman's evil army of Chao and joined the fight with Sonic, Tails and Amy. He was impressed by Tikal's fighting style being similar to his as they fought off the evil Chao and Chaos fought against Eggman's Egg Gantor. Chuck managed to create a device to stop Eggman's control and Sonic used this to transform the evil Chao back to normal. With Eggman's robot defeated; Tikal, Chaos and the Chao went back to the Master Emerald and Knuckles joined Sonic and his friends to celebrate. (SX: #6)

Eggman's Virtual Scheme

Knuckles would be captured by Eggman and placed into virtual reality with Sonic, Amy, Tails, Rouge, Cream, Cheese and Vanilla while the machine would be powered with the Master Emerald. He would later be hit by Sonic and Amy in Spring Yard Zone as they spun to avoid a spike and thrown off a cliff with them. He blamed Sonic for getting them into this situation until they encountered a game version of Eggman. They continued through the virtual reality world eventually meeting up with the others and being flirted with Rouge until the final level. They were saved by Chris and Chuck before they were sent to the moon via Eggman's old base. Sonic took the Master Emerald to stop the launch and they all left as the base exploded. Sonic would give Knuckles back the Master Emerald once they were save, but would return to Angel Island to pester Knuckles because he was bored. Knuckles wouldn't cave into Sonic's annoyances and demanded that Sonic found someone else to bother. (SX: #10#11#12 )

Busting the fake Rouge

Knuckles continued his guarding duties when "Rouge" came to Angel Island and asked if she could stay there and explained she was being set up for stealing the Moon Emerald. The fake offered to help Knuckles guard the Master Emerald and tried to persuade him to take a nap. Knuckles argued with her until he realised she was trying to knock him out and dodged her attacks. She eventually got the upper hand and knocked him out and flew off with the Master Emerald. Knuckles would smash into Topaz's office, and demanded to know where Rouge was explaining his situation to Topaz and Sonic. All of them, including Captain Westwood would draw her out of hiding with the promise of the "world's largest Chaos Emerald" as a trap.

At night, Knuckles spotted the real Rouge arrive on the scene and demanded the Master Emerald. They would fight and fall off the museum onto Sonic and caught by Captain westwood in a trap. Rouge managed to free them, but Knuckles tackled her into the museum only to find the imposter controlled by Eggman. Knuckles tried to take down the fake until another robot arrived and grabbed the fake Chaos Emerald. Sonic and Knuckles would work together to defeat the robot and discover the Moon Emerald and Master Emerald inside it. (SX: #18)


Knuckles would save Sonic from Eggman's new robot on an oil rig after watching from Angel Island, but embarrassing Sonic for rescuing him. Eggman disgusted by Knuckles' appearance decided to attack both of them, starting a heated argument between Knuckles and Sonic. They began to fight off the robot, but couldn't work together, causing a realization to Sam trapped in the robot. They eventually decided to work together to stop the robot, but are worn out easily. As Eggman is about to attack them, Sam managed to work with his team and destroyed the robot. Knuckles shook hands with Sonic after the fight, and told him that he will win first and argue later "when Eggman shaves his moustache". (SX: #20)

He was informed when Sonic disappeared after a crazy car chase and joined a search party to find him. Chris rallied them to begin the search when Sonic came back. Knuckles annoyed by his appearance was about to head back to Angel Island, but Sonic stopped him and told him who he ran into. Knuckles thanked Sonic for the information given to him about S.O.N.I.C.X. and went to find Hawk to warn him about a member of the group, Li Yan. (SX: #23)

After this, Knuckles would later appear on television to show off his skills to Station Square with Sonic, Tails Amy, Chuck and Chris, but preferred to guard the Master Emerald. He went first and showed off his guiding, strength and climbing as Sonic was trying to show him up. After this, his skills were downloaded into Dr. Eggman's robot and was sent to attack them. He tried to take it down by himself, but was overpowered by the robot. He eventually joined Sonic, Tails and Amy to fight the robot. They managed to destroy the robot and Sonic apologized for trying to hog all of the attention. (SX: #24)

Knuckles would hear about Sonic's charity match against El Gran Gordo and demanded that he would train Sonic to fight him. Reluctantly, Sonic agreed to Knuckles' training tactics until Knuckles was satisfied. (SX: #26)

Eggman's Environment Project

Knuckles encountered Eggman and his new line of Green bots when they arrived on Angel Island and demanded the Master Emerald. Eggman promised that he would use it for the good of the environment, but Knuckles wasn't willing to be tricked again and fought the robots. Eggman boasted that he only needed one more Chaos Emerald when Sonic, Tails and Amy arrived in the X-Tornado with it. Knuckles angered by their arrival fought against the robot with the six Chaos Emeralds to stop it, but was overpowered by them along with Sonic, Tails and Amy. The green bots managed to use the Chaos Emeralds with the Master Emerald to summon Chaos. Chaos transformed into Perfect Chaos and Eggman's green bots fused with Chaos to give him full control. Knuckles went with Sonic, Tails, Amy Chris and Chuck clinging onto the Tornado to follow Perfect Chaos into Station Square.They watched as Sonic managed to obtain the Chaos Emeralds from Perfect Chaos to become Super Sonic. Tails was stunned when Perfect Chaos was able to use chaos control, but Knuckles explained that he is pure chaos energy. He realised that Sonic wouldn't stay super forever and as long as Eggman was in control, Chaos' power was limitless. Sonic managed to destroy Eggman's controller and the green bot shell, but Knuckles was unimpressed by his efforts. Chaos would disappear into the ocean back home to the Master Emerald. (SX: #28#29)

Later Adventures

Knuckles would join Sonic and his friends for a barbeque and came with the Master Emerald to continue guarding it. He talked with the Chaotix about how he didn't have much excitement, but remembered his encounter with Hawk and one of Eggman's robots. The party was interrupted when Chuck called the group to a meteorite he discovered through his telescope and believed that there was a Chaos Emerald inside. Chris decided to make it a competition that they would race to bring back to the Chaos Emerald; to which Knuckles decided to be his own team, working best alone. He brought the Master Emerald with him as he travelled to the South Pole to grab the Chaos Emerald within the meteortie. He managed to grab the meteorite off Sonic, but had to choose between it and the Master Emerald when Rouge intervened. He arrived back to find Sonic there with the meteorite, but were unable to find the emerald. Chris arrived last with Charmy and Cream and had retrieved the Chaos Emerald, and thus winning the competition. (SX: #33)

After the arrival and departure of the Prime Zone version of Shadow, Knuckles journeyed to Station Square to find Sonic after hearing of Eggman's attack, but was too late to help out. (SX: #40)


Knuckles is practically similar to his Prime Zone counterpart, only being slightly stronger and needing Shovel claws in order to dig.


Knuckles personality is quite similar to his Prime Zone counterpart. The only differences being that this Knuckles is slightly more gullible and more prone to anger.

Background Information

  • This Knuckles is a year younger than his Prime Counterpart.
  • It's unknown if this Knuckles has a superform or if he is even aware of it.

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