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KA 6
Knuckles Archives
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Archie Comics

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Knuckles Archives Volume 6 was intended to be the sixth and final volume of the Knuckles Archives graphic novel series of reprints. It was expected to collect issues #28-#32 of the Archie Knuckles the Echidna comic book series. The book has yet to be released and has since disappeared from future release listings, implying it has been cancelled.


Volume 5

History/Reason for Cancellation

Volume 5 was first revealed on the back page of Volume 4 (released April 2013). A release window was later given for spring 2014. As its intended release date drew closer, Volume 6 was also revealed, with a fall 2014 release planned. Like many graphic novel releases intended for early 2014, Volume 5 was pushed back to the fall, with Volume 6 also being pushed further into 2015 as a result. When this release for Volume 5 also failed to materialise, both books were subsequently removed from all future release listings, and have remained as such ever since.

While it's never been explained why the books were unreleased, many have speculated that it is due to complications brought up by the infamous lawsuit between Archie Comics and Ken Penders, head writer of the Knuckles series. This has yet to be confirmed however.

Background Information

  • This volume features the only cover in the series to not be drawn by Patrick Spaziante, instead being rendered in 3D by Rafa Knight. It is also the only one to feature Knuckles in his modern design.

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