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The Knothole Council was a political body that served as the ruling power in Knothole for some time during the fight against Dr. Robotnik. It consisted mainly of members of the Knothole Freedom Fighters, though Sonic the Hedgehog apparently did not hold a seat on it. He was shown to be bound to its decisions, and twice appeared before the body to make appeals for missions. The first was after learning of the abduction of Amy Rose by Robotnik; the second was to propose a plan in which he would be captured and subjected to Roboticization. His plan included his being equipped with a Neuro-Overrider that would allow him to retain his free will and use his Robian abilities to defeat Robotnik. The plan was vetoed by the council; after Sonic was subsequently Roboticized and then returned to normal, he was placed on trial due to the council believing he had gone against their verdict. Years later, Sally would recall the effectiveness of the council's organization, which helped serve as the inspiration for the Council of Acorn (StH: #25, #39, #40, #179)

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