-King Arthur

King Arthur

King Arthur, also knows as the Black Knight, is a king in the Medieval Zone who is served by three Mobian knights and has the ability to summon monstrous creatures from the shadows he creates.


One day, the Royal Wizard Merlina did something that infuriated King Arthur and he personally chased after her on a flying horse. He summoned his monstrous knights from the shadows to aid him and they surrounded Merlina, but she used a magical spell to summon a Sonic the Hedgehog counterpart from another zone to aid her. Sonic defeated all the creatures and then attempted to take on King Arthur, but Merlina stopped him at the last minute and they disappeared in a whirlwind of smoke and dust. King Arthur then rode his horse to a nearby cliff where Sirs Gawain, Lancelot and Percival were waiting. He ordered them to seek out Merlina and Sonic and to slay them on sight while he gave chase. He flew away and the knights followed his orders, though some did have doubts in the changes that had come over King Arthur and his kingdom. (StH: #197)

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