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Sir Kicks a Lot

Kicks a Lot

Kicks a Lot is a Mobian kangaroo and a former member of the Robotropolis Spy Network. In 3235, he and his partner Sleuth Dawg were disguised as SWATbots and sent secret messages to the Freedom Fighters using spray paint and making it look like graffiti on the walls of buildings in Robotropolis. Some time later, Kicks a Lot was one of the agents to help Sally's former trainees save the Freedom Fighters' from Dr. Ivo Robotnik after they had been captured. (StH: #27, #38)


Working for the Spy Network

After Uncle Chuck regained his free will he gather him and other Mobians and formed the spy network He was partnered with Slueth Dog and they dressed as SWATbots in Robotropolis and sprayed paint as graffiti to give the Knothole Freedom Fighters directions. He later helped Sonic the Hedgehog and Sally's trainees to save the rest of the Freedom Fighters when Sonic temporarily lost his speed. (StH: #27, #38)

It is unknown what happened to Kicks a Lot. Presumably he was roboticized like Fly Fly Freddy due to Sleuth's treachery, though this remains unknown. Unlike Freddy, he was likely de-roboticized by the Bem.

Background Information

Kicks a Lot's name is likely a parody of the hip-hop artist Sir Mix-a-Lot, much like Sleuth's name.

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