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Kar Leung reduced to ruins

Kar Leung was a Mobian settlement located on Yurashia in the Dragon Kingdom. Years ago, a group of settlers from Kar Leung immigrated to form the village of Leung West on the outskirts of the Kingdom of Acorn. In 3236, Monkey Khan had moved to the village as it was his ancestrial homeland. However, Dr. Eggman invaded the village later that year, rendering Khan unconscious while rounding up the village's population and roboticized them, including General Hunn. Although Monkey Khan managed to escape and chase off Eggman, the village was reduced to a "burning ghost town" as Eggman flew off with the captured Robians. (StH: #86, #87)

  • Ian Flynn stated in a Q&A that "Presumably, this was the village that the colonists left behind to establish Leung West." (1)
  • Despite the similarity in names, Ian Flynn has stated he considers Kar Leung and Leung Kar to be two different locations. (2)
  • The name Kar Leung might come from the name of the famous Hong Kong martial arts filmmaker, choreographer, and actor Lau Kar-leung.

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