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An infant Jon in-between his mother and father

Jon O'Hedge, or "Little Jon" to his parents, is the son of King Rob o' the Hedge and Mari-An, born shortly after the two were wed. In 3237 during the Moebius invasion, Mari-An saw her husband prepare to face off an intruder and put Jon to bed. The intruder turned out to be a stranger in need, so Rob left with him and Mari-An stayed home and watched Jon. Jon and his parents later went into hiding after Lord Hood made an attempt on his life. Rob and his family fled to Never Lake and eluded the Mercia Dark Egg Legion, but their long absence led the Mercian Freedom Fighters to suspect that they had perished. (StH: #88, #194, #195, SU: #46, #47)

Background Information

  • It was originally thought that Jon took on the gender of his father but the species of his mother, unlike most cross-bred Mobians. It was later revealed in The Complete Sonic Comic Encyclopedia that Jon is actually a hybrid, a rare occurrence between cross-bred Mobians.
  • His name is an obvious reference to the character of the Robin Hood folk tales, his parents' first meeting echoing that of Robin Hood and Little John.
  • Jon is considered an honorary member of the Mercian Freedom Fighters, though he is obviously too young to be an active participant.

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