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Jolt the Roadrunner
First Appearance

Sonic the Hedgehog #62

Final Appearance

Sonic Universe #49

Biographical information
  • Mobian/Roadrunner
Physical description
  • Male
  • Feathers: Green
  • Eyes: Blue
  • Light purple jacket
  • Light purple shirt
  • Belt
  • Red boots
  • White gloves
Political Alignment and Abilities
  • Basic combat
  • Super speed

Jolt the Roadrunner was a Mobian roadrunner and member of the Freedom Fighter group known as the Sand-Blasters based out of Sand Blast City.


Encounters with Sonic, Tails and Bunnie

When Sonic the Hedgehog and Miles "Tails" Prower first arrived in Sand Blast City, the hedgehog found himself the object of hero worship. However, it turned out that the leader of the Sand Blasters, Jack Rabbit, planned to force Sonic to stay in the city as its protector against the Robian hoard beyond the city's force field dome. Jolt was among the group who covered up the pair's biplane under the pretense of needing to do maintenance on it. However, not wanting to be kept against their will, Sonic and Tails were forced to make a break for it. Jolt was among the group attempting to recapture (but not harm) the two. Despite this, Sonic destroyed the force field generator, and he and Tails escaped. The Sand Blasters were left to fend off the Robians themselves. Later, the Sand Blasters attempted to avenge themselves by luring Sonic into a trap; however, they caught Bunnie "Rabbot" D'Coolette instead. They decided that Sonic would have to come looking for her eventually and set the recaptured Robians upon her; however, she fought her way free, leaving the group to be once again attacked by the Robians. (StH: #62, #63, #119)

Fighting the Dark Egg Legion

By 3237, the Robians of the region had all been returned to normal; however, they later joined the Dark Egg Legion, becoming a local chapter at odds with the Sand Blasters. One day, Jolt was idling watching Avery work when Sonic the Hedgehog suddenly burst from the ground, accusing the Sand Blasters of having attacked Bunnie. Regarding Sonic as a traitor, the Sand Blasters attacked him; Jolt attempted to use his super speed to catch the hedgehog but wasn't quick enough; Sonic retaliated by kicking him in the face. The Sand Blasters were largely outclassed by Sonic, but he was eventually stopped by Tex and confronted by Jack. Sonic continued to insist that the Sand Blasters had attacked Bunnie, saying she had fallen from the sky. Jack denied this, but Jolt eagerly spoke up (despite his leader's orders to be quiet) and laughingly suggested that Bunnie, being half-robot, had run afoul of one of Avery's EMP Beacons. While Jack admitted this theory made sense, he had Tex punch Jolt for disobeying orders, much to the bird's displeasure. It was determined that Bunnie, after being disabled, had been captured by the Dark Egg Legion; Jack offered to help Sonic rescue her if the hedgehog, in turn, helped the Sand Blasters take over the Oil Ocean Refinery guarded by the Legion. Sonic agreed, and the next morning, the group set out for the refinery, Jolt driving a vehicle and accompanied by Tex. (StH: #217)

Upon arriving at the refinery, Sonic left the group and appeared to begin fighting Bunnie inside the complex; not fond of either of them, Jack decided they would simply sit back and enjoy the show. Being the only one without a pair of binoculars, Jolt pestered the others until an impatient Shift E. Wolf handed over his own set. Watching the battle, Jolt cheered, excitedly noting how much damage the two were doing in their fight. This made Jack realize that the battle was a ruse to let Sonic and Bunnie render the refinery unusable to them. Jack ordered the Sand Blasters to move in; the Legion did so as well and a large fight broke out. Jolt, using his enhanced speed, ran in circles around Sonic, hitting and taunting him. However, Jolt was in over his head; Sonic turned the tables on him with his own superior speed, and Jolt couldn't keep up. Overwhelmed and disoriented, Jolt fell to the ground, but later escaped when the other Sand Blasters fled. (StH: #218)

Along with his teammates, Jolt subsequently appeared to challenge the arrival of Mighty the Armadillo's teammates from the Chaotix: Vector the Crocodile, Espio the Chameleon, and Charmy Bee. Prior to this, Mighty had joined up with Jolt and his allies, going by the name "Flex." The Chaotix resisted the Sand-Blasters efforts to capture them, Charmy dealing a heavy blow to Jolt before being captured by Avery the Bear. With the trio captured, the Sand-Blasters turned them over to Mighty and his friend and fellow Chaotix member Ray the Flying Squirrel, who had taken the name "Jitters" after joining the Sand-Blasters. Subsequently, Jolt and his teammates-accompanied by the Chaotix-went to exchange prisoners with the Legion following Mighty's "capture." In the course of the ambush that the Sand-Blasters sprang at the meeting, Mighty's subterfuge came to light, and Jack ordered his team to eliminate the Armadillo. Jolt boarded the Legion carrier and pulled a gun to use on Mighty, eager to distinguish himself in his leader's eyes. Unfortunately, he ended up on the receiving end of a punch from Mighty's sister Matilda the Armadillo, a Legionnaire, and was sent flying through the air. Defeated, the Sand-Blasters subsequently retreated. (SU: #47, #48, #49)


Jolt was initially eager to meet Sonic, regarding him as a hero, but later came to regard him as a traitor. He's somewhat immature and obnoxious, sometimes running off at the mouth when he shouldn't, which usually gets him punished. He's also not terribly bright, despite being somewhat quick-thinking; as such he often ends up becoming the target of his teammates' pent-up anger. Despite this, Jolt is willing to go to any means to gain some respect from his teammates.


Jolt is tall roadrunner with green feathers and blue eyes. Unlike some of the Sand Blasters, his design has actually been fairly consistent, though it was more solidly refined in later appearances. He has a tall tail of green feathers and three large plumes atop his head. He wears a light purple shirt and jacket, white gloves, red spats-like boots and a belt with a sheathed dagger.


Jolt has superior speed to average Mobians, rivaling Sonic himself, though he's not the Hedgehog's equal in speed or combat ability. A somewhat capable fighter, he is nonetheless fairly easy to catch off guard. Like Jack, he uses a gun, though his skill level with it is unknown.

Background information


Jolt hits Sonic at high speed.

  • Jolt was not given a name until StH #217.
  • The rest of the Sand-Blasters are based off of Looney Tunes and Jolt is based off of the Road Runner.
  • Jolt also bears a striking resemblance to Bean the Dynamite, and is one of three "annoying green bird" characters that Sonic has fought, the others being Bean and Jet the Hawk.