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Jenna-Lu was the wife of Guardian Sabre, Locke's mother and Knuckles's grandmother. Having married Sabre and given birth to Locke, she was the last wife of a Guardian to accept the tradition in which the mother of the next Guardian has little or no say in how their child is to be brought up. She counseled with her daughter-in-law Lara-Le on this topic later in life, when the younger echidna couldn't bring herself to accept the Guardian's traditional upbringing. Lara questioned whether or not her mother-in-law was happy with how things had worked out, to which Jenna-Lu replied that she would be lost without her husband. (KtE: #16)

Sabre spoke of her occasionally and with equal fondness to that which she displayed for him. Knuckles also told his mother that she reminded him of what little he could remember of his grandmother Jenna. (KtE: #05, #16)

Background Information

  • As with most of the Guardian's spouses, the fate of Jenna-Lu remains unknown. It is likely that she passed away some time during Knuckles' isolation on Angel Island, given that she made no appearances in Echidnaopolis following its return.

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