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The Ixis Resurgence was a series of events that took place sometime prior to the Five Years of Peace in the Light Mobius universe. It has an unexplained connection with the Elemental War and the creation of Tikhaos, as it was mentioned by Jacques D'Coolette when King Sonic revealed that he was unaware of how that entity had come into being. (SU: #8)

According to Mammoth Mogul (P.X.E.), one of the events that leads to the 3437 P.X.E. future that Silver the Hedgehog is from is the Ixis Resurgence. Ixis Naugus becoming the King of the Republic of Acorn is the beginning of the Ixis Resurgence and eventually he will obtain two additional Chaos Emeralds besides the purple one already given to him by Geoffrey St. John (specifically the red & green emeralds), and attach them to his staff. Shortly after Silver arrived in the past, Naugus attempted to enslave the population of New Mobotropolis to his will to rebuild the Order of Ixis, but was stopped thanks to the efforts of Silver and the Secret Freedom Fighters. (StH: #220, #235; SU: #43, #44)

Background Information

  • It is possible that G.U.N. would've become involved with the Ixis Resurgence since Ixis Naugus would obtain the red, and green Chaos Emeralds, which were at that point in G.U.N.'s possession, possibly connecting it to the Elemental War. Of course, all of these events were later negated. 

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