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Ixis is a powerful primordial deity that has existed since the dawn of time and was sealed away by lesser chaotic forces that shaped the universe. Despite this, Ixis became worshiped by the Troll race who would use it's energy during their time on the planet. There also exist wellsprings that house the deity's energy, though they are apparently very difficult to locate. (SU: #85, #88)


Walter Naugus believed that Dr. Eggman was using his new energy refinery to harvest Ixis' power. So Walter (with the help of his twin sister Wendy and her Witchcarters) took control of the refinery and planned to use it's energy with the Master Emerald Shards he collected to fully restore the magic he lost after the first Genesis Wave. However, upon revealing his plan to Wendy, she mockingly pointed out that Eggman was harvesting the energy of Dark Gaia, which is a completely different and separate entity from Ixis, and that Walter mixed them up. (SU: #83, #85)

Background Information

  • Ixis appears to be inspired by Azathoth, the spiteful Outer God mentioned in the works of H.P. Lovecraft.

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