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Ivanna Robotina

Dr. Ivanna Robotina

Dr. Ivanna Robotina was the female counterpart of Dr. Ivo Robotnik from the Luna Zone and is the arch nemesis of Sally Moon. Unlike Robotnik who roboticizes his victims, she monsterizes her victims. She came to Mobius Prime and tried to monsterize Sonic. Though she failed to do so, no thanks to Sally Moon who came from her dimension, she still kept fighting to stay in Mobius Prime but was brought down by one of Tuxedo Knux's roses. (SSS: #8)

Background Information

  • Like Sally Moon, Tuxedo Knux and Chibi Rose, Ivanna Robotina is based off of characters from the popular anime series Bishoujou Senshi Sailor Moon. Being an evil sorceress, it's possible that Ivanna is based off of Queen Beryl, the initial antagonist from the series.
  • She is the only known female counterpart of Robotnik, as well as the only "genderbent" counterpart of a Prime Zone character.

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