Ian Flynn

Ian Flynn (also formerly known under his pen-name Ian Potto) is the current head writer of the Archie Sonic titles.

His tenure began with StH#160.

His wife is fellow writer and colorist Aleah Baker.

Writing Credits

Archie Sonic the Hedgehog

  • #160 - #161: "Birthday Bash"
  • #162 - #165: Full Issues
  • #166: "Mobius: 25 Years Later - Part One: Tempus Fugit"; script for "The Chaotix Connection", plotted by Romy Chacon
  • #167: "Mobius: 25 Years Later - Part Two: Tempus Aeternus"
  • #168 - #169: Full Issues
  • #170: "Comings and Goings"
  • #171 - #184: Full Issues
  • #185: "Mogul Rising - Part One (Needful Things)"
  • #186 - #231: Full Issues
  • #232: "Dark Tidings"
  • #233 - #259: Full Issues

Sonic Universe

Free Comic Specials

Sonic Super Special Magazine

  • #3: "Time for a Comeback"
  • #10: "Sonic Dash"
  • #11: "Sonic Comic Origins: Blast From the Past - Part One"

Sonic Super Digest

  • #5: "Sonic Jump"
  • #7: "Sonic Comic Origins: Blast From the Past - Part Two"

Archie Sonic X

Miscellaneous Writing Contributions

Notable Non-Sonic Works

  • Archie Mega Man: Flynn has written every issue of the comic to date, including those which tie into Worlds Collide and Worlds Unite.
  • New Crusaders (Red Circle)
  • Flynn has also made several small contributions to the main Archie titles.

Background Information

  • Before becoming the comics writer, Flynn was briefly known amongst the fan community for a Sonic fancomic he wrote titled "The Other M".
  • In an interview in SSSM#1, Flynn stated that his influences as a writer are "Shakespeare, Stephen Crane, Kurt Vonnegut, E. E. Cummings, Chris Claremont, Robert Kirkman, Brian M. Bendis, Mark Miller, Dr. Seuss, Jeff Smith, Don Rosa and so many more."
  • Ian Flynn has written a couple of episodes for the second season of the Sonic Boom cartoon show.

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