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You may be looking for the human descendants from the Pre-Super Genesis Wave Timeline; see Overlanders.

Humans are the ancestors of Overlanders and the former dominant species on the planet Mobius while it was still known as Earth. The vast majority of the population was either wiped out or genetically mutated during the Xorda's Gene Bomb attack on the planet. The few survivors make up the population of the city Station Square. Humans tend to be far more friendly and open, as opposed to their Overlander descendants, which some hold feelings of xenophobia towards Mobians. They are still referred to as Overlanders by some Mobians.


Survivors of the Xorda Attack

Main Article: Xorda Attack on Earth

During the Xorda's attack on Earth thousands of years ago, a passenger jet was struck and crash landed into the side of a mountain. The surviving passengers found themselves seeking refuge in the mountain's deep caves. Due to the depth of the caves, these humans were spared the de-evolution process that befell the Overlanders, as the Gene Bombs effects could not reach them. (StH: #106)

Building a Society

With their new location completely isolated, the survivors began to build a new home for themselves within this hidden sanctuary. Beginning with basics such as farms to produce food and shelters to stay in, the humans used their technological knowledge to gradually expand their community. (StH: #106)

Station Square

See: Station Square

Recent Activities

Station Square itself is quite large, and encompasses over 73 million citizens. They have since expanded from their secured city with the immigration of the Overlanders from Robotropolis and created the United Federation, which is comprised of all human and overlander settlements and inhabited areas on Mobius, with Station Square as the capital. (StH: #106, #107, #108)


Humans are commonly confused as Overlanders, however the two species have fundamental differences. While humans possess five fingers, their mutated Overlander counterparts only have four. Unlike the Overlanders, humans are more accepting of other cultures and species and do not share the xenophobic sentiments toward Mobians that many Overlanders have. (StH: #80)

The human population in Station Square had maintained an isolationist policy for thousands of years, as they had become completely self-sufficient. All of this changed when representatives from the Kingdom of Acorn, including Sally Acorn and the Knothole Freedom Fighters, arrived in Station Square to warn them of Dr. Eggman's schemes to destroy their city with the water beast Chaos. (StH: #82)

Background Information

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