Hope's Aircraft

Hope piloting her aircraft.

Hope's aircraft was a single-seater aircraft similar to a plane invented by Hope Kintobor. It was jet propelled and armed with laser cannons, making it fast and dangerous, but not enough to take down larger aircraft like Egg Fleet ships.


Hope first started building it in Knothole, and finished work on it somewhere in the United Federation. But when she used the plane to return home to Knothole, she found it been reduced to burned ruins by the Eggman Empire. She was so enraged at her step-brother, Snively Robotnik, for lying to her and further disgracing their family name that she took on the Egg Fleet herself as it attacked New Mobotropolis. She made contact with Snively over the air-waves, and her outburst at him reduced both of them to tears. She escaped being blasted out of the sky, however, and went to work as an engineer for the Guardian Units of the Nation. (StH: #162, #177, SU: #1)

Background Information

  • The design of Hope's aircraft is similar to that of the Vought F4U Corsair used by the United States during the second World War. The main visual difference being that Hope's aircraft is jet-powered instead of propeller-driven.

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