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The Great Unknown, a region in western Northamer some distance from Knothole, became the territory of the Wolf Pack after their ancestors left their lands in Soumerca. Here the Wolves built cities and lived in prosperity, until the rise of the original Dr. Robotnik. As a result of his predations, the Wolf Pack civilization in the Great Unknown was all but wiped out, with those surviving either fleeing or becoming victims of the Roboticizer. Lupe and her band of Freedom Fighters chose to travel east and fight against Robotnik's tyranny, which they did so throughout the First Robotnik War and into the Second. Eventually, the Wolves left the Great Unknown and returned to their ancestral homelands, forming the Wolf Pack Nation with Lupe as Grand Chief. (CSE)

Background Information

  • The Great Unknown first appeared in the Sonic the Hedgehog animated series. It served as the secret location for Drood Henge, an ancient ruin which harbored the Deep Power Stones - a pair of legendary, powerful crystals formed by an ancient race known as the Mandaras and kept hidden by the royal family.

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