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The Great Canyon is a humongous natural gorge that serves as the borderline for the former territory of the Wolf Pack called the Great Unknown. Some of the Canyon's cliffs served as the base of operations for the High Flying Freedom Fighters led by Carl Condor before the group was destroyed and he was roboticized during the First Robotnik War. Sonic the Hedgehog traveled out to this area to see if Carl had any information about why Dr. Ivo Robotnik had sealed off the Power Ring Grotto outside of Robotropolis, when he got distracted by the sight of the Death Egg floating by and blocking out the sun and did not notice Condorbot moving in on him until it was too late and he was captured. (SQM: #1)

Following Dr. Robotnik's death from his own Ultimate Annihilator cannon, Lupe decided to lead the Wolf Pack back into the Great Unknown in hopes of finding their old home and more of their kind. When they arrived at the Great Canyon, they found it to be entirely flooded by rainfall (a possible result of the most recent Days of Fury) and were forced to cross using an inflatable raft. Once they reached the other side they ditched the raft in order to get out of the rain quickly and began to explore the ruins of a city that could either have been one of theirs or the Overlanders during the Great War. (StH: #67, #68, #69)

Background Information

  • The Great Canyon is based off the real-world Grand Canyon and is geographically located in the same place.
  • The canyon first appeared in the Sonic the Hedgehog animated series episode "Cry of the Wolf". According to NICOLE, the home base of the Wolf Pack is located 21.3 kilometers south-southeast of the Great Canyon.
  • The Wolf Pack's former residence in the Great Canyon was replaced by the Thunder Plains Zone in the post-SGW timeline.

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