Gossamer Clan
Form of Group and Statistics

Spider Ninja Clan



Resident location 

Web divided into eight sections

  • Bo staves
  • Nunchucks
  • Tsais
  • Webbing

The Gossamer Clan is a ninja clan of Mobian spiders from the Dragon Kingdom. It is one of the four clans that serve under the Bride of Four Houses within the Iron Dominion after the Bride of Rich Nights was murdered, and is led by the Bride of the Endless Reach. However, they were the first to be convinced to break their ties with the Dominion in order to find a peaceful solution. Their actions are based on interpretations from the Web of Fate, which they believe will lead them to great prosperity.



Some time after its founding, the Gossamer Clan received a precious artifact from its original Bride: the Web of Fate. By reading its threads, members of the Clan were able to read of the possible they could take and what consequences would follow. One of the Clan's most gifted web readers was Uma Arachnis, who learned that the Source of All was fated to fall into evil hands. Seeking to protect her people, Uma set out, eventually winding up in the employ of Ixis Naugus. Later her quest would culminate with the destruction of the Crown of Acorns and Sword of Acorns, the latter having been delivered to Naugus by Uma's children, the Arachne, after her demise. The Arachne themselves were killed by Dr. Eggman's Egg Grape Chamber after they and Mammoth Mogul's other associates were captured. (SU: #13)

Iron Dominion

After years of war with the rival Raiju Clan, Shinobi Clan, and Yagyu Clan, the Gossamer Clan also found itself contending with the Iron Dominion. The war between the clans came to an end when the Yagyu Bride of Rich Nights was murdered by the Iron King, with the Iron Queen taking credit for it. The subverted Yagyu Clan then began fighting the various clans at the Iron Queen's orders, and fearing that their rivals would join the Dominion in alliance, the Bride of the Endless Reach and her counterparts pledged their allegiance to the Dominion. (StH: #201, #202, #207)

When Monkey Khan returned to the Dragon Kingdom with several of the Knothole Freedom Fighters in tow, the Gossamer Clan dispatched operatives to capture them, but they were then invited to meet with the Bride. After learning of Uma's fate from Sally Acorn and consulting the Web of Fate with regards to the path of peace, she agreed to break off the clan's ties with the Dominion.(SU: #13)

Background Information

  • Gossamer is a common name for spider silk.

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