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Golden Hive Colony
First Appearance

Knuckles the Echidna #14

Form of Government



N/A (destroyed 3237)

Territorial Claims
Capital City

Golden Hive Colony

Allies and Enemies

The Golden Hive Colony was one of the most beautiful kingdoms on Mobius, with its bee population living in harmony with nature. Its central place of power was Golden Hive Castle. It was converted into a factory after being successfully invaded by the Eggman Empire, with only Charmy Bee and Saffron known to have escaped capture. The converted Golden Hive Colony was later destroyed by Espio the Chameleon and NICOLE when they were unable to locate any other bee survivors.


Peaceful Era


The Royal Family celebrating the return of Prince Charmy

Despite Dr. Ivo Robotnik's global takeover, Golden Hive Colony managed to thrive undetected. During this time, the prince to the throne, Charmy, was supposed to undergo his Acknowledgment Ceremony but, not ready to accept the responsibility of his heritage, ran away from home. Eventually, Charmy decided he had to accept his responsibilities and after some time away he returned home and got engaged to his childhood friend Saffron. (KtE: #14)

While searching for his friends, Chaos Knuckles teleported himself to just outside of Golden Hive Colony where he spoke briefly with Charmy and Saffron. The meeting was broken up when Nack the Weasel gave Knuckles the ultimatum to come with him or his sister would assassinate Charmy and Saffron. Knuckles' complied, and was soon turned over to Gala-Na and the Albion Security Team. (StH: #93)


Some time later, during the expansion of the Eggman Empire, Golden Hive Colony was located. Dr. Eggman had his forces destroy the colony, either killing its citizens or imprisoning them in the Egg Grape Chamber. All of the kingdom's holdings and structures were converted for Eggman's use. Charmy Bee, the heir to the colony's throne and his fiancée, lady Saffron, were the only confirmed citizens to have escaped, and brought news of the colony's invasion to Knothole. (StH: #138)


Espio investigating the converted Golden Hive Colony

Wanting to know what happened to Charmy's parents and people, Chaotix members Vector the Crocodile, Mighty the Armadillo, Ray the Flying Squirrel and Espio the Chameleon went to the colony, and Espio broke into the Castle, now serving as one of Eggman's primary command facilities and robot factories. Espio uploaded NICOLE into the main computer's system and downloaded all information related to the invasion. NICOLE was unable to locate any specific survivors due to the fact that Eggman never kept records or images of specific individuals he captured. However, due to the fact that its population was scattered, its territories occupied and its beautiful landscape's ruined and polluted beyond repair, NICOLE concluded that the original Golden Hive Colony was effectively gone. As such, Espio, thirsting for vengeance for his friend Charmy, ordered NICOLE to seal the complex and have the Castle's Power Matrix overload, saying that, while Charmy had lost his home, Eggman wouldn't have it either. While Espio and the others escaped, the remains of Golden Hive were completely destroyed by the explosion. (StH: #169)

Some time afterwards, Charmy and Saffron briefly left the Chaotix in order to search for survivors from the Golden Hive Colony, though they apparently met with no success. (SU: #11)

Notable Former Residents

Background Information

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