Fixit, a Gizoid.

Gizoids are a line of robots created by an ancient civilization.


The Gizoids were created by the mysterious "Fourth Great Civilization" thousands of years ago, and all but disappeared along with their creators. One such robot was eventually found by Gerald Robotnik, and later came into the possession of his villainous grandson Dr. Ivo "Eggman" Robotnik. Found by the heroic Sonic the Hedgehog, the robot was dubbed Emerl and befriended Sonic and several of his allies before being destroyed as a result of one of Dr. Eggman's schemes. Emerl was later rebuilt into Gemerl, who after being used in another of Eggman's schemes was reprogrammed to have Emerl's personality. Gemerl subsequently took up residence in Mobotropolis, where he lived with the family of Vanilla the Rabbit and occasionally was called upon to help defend the city from threats such as M'egga Man. (VG: SB, SAd3; StH: #257, #273)

Archaeologist Relic the Pika later discovered another Gizoid named Fixit in the ancient ruins on Angel Island. Unlike Emerl, Fixit was designed to be a mechanic rather than a warrior, and became Relic's assistant. (SU: #63)

The Gizoids were created by the Nocturnus Clan to be incredibly adaptive and run on highly-advanced artificial intelligence, with each one capable of performing the job an army of soldiers could. The Nocturnus tended to fall back upon their Gizoid army when their own personal tech failed. (CSE)

During his battle with Mega Man, Sonic recalled having previously dealt with the Gizoid army at some point during the altered timeline of the of the zone under the influence of the second Genesis Wave. (StH: #248)

Known Gizoids

Background Information

  • It was revealed in the video game universe that the Gizoids were created by the Nocturnus Clan, a fact which was touched upon for the original comic timeline through the Complete Sonic Comic Encyclopedia. However, due to the group being caught up in the legal hassles between Archie Comics, Sega and former writer Ken Penders, this fact will likely never be touched upon in the current continuity.
    • In the new continuity, the Gizoids are referred to as being created by the "Fourth Great Civilization". It's possible that this is in fact referring to the Nocturnus Clan. However, due to the above, this will likely remain unconfirmed.

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