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Genesis Unit
The Genesis Unit
First Appearance

Sonic Universe #52

Form of Group and Statistics

Elite robot guardsmen


Year 20XX (Alternate Earth)

Resident location 
Other names
  • Mega World Corps (MWN)
  • WWN-01 Buster Rod G
  • WWN-02 Mega Water S
  • WWN-03 Hyper Storm H
For further reading on the Genesis Unit outside of the "Worlds Collide" crossover, check out Buster Rod G, Mega Water S, and Hyper Storm H's articles on Mega Man Monthly.

The Genesis Unit is a group of Robot Masters created by Dr. Wily, and later recreated by him in the Skull Egg Zone. They were first deployed as antagonists to Sonic the Hedgehog and Mega Man when they entered the zone, and were later teamed with a large force of their fellow Robot Masters to defend the Wily Egg.


The members of the Genesis Unit had previously been defeated by Mega Man, but were time-cloned by Dr. Wily and Dr. Eggman in the Skull Egg Zone. The trio, teamed with Copybot, attacked their old enemy and his allies-Sonic the Hedgehog, Proto Man, Rush, and Tails-as they made their way into the zone to search for the missing Dr. Light and Sonic's missing allies. While they proved to be formidable adversaries, they were unable to overcome their respective opponents. Once Mega Man had defeated Copybot, he joined Sonic and Tails in defeating their enemies, and Proto Man finished off his opponent. However, the trio were later recreated again as part of a massive army of Robot Masters led by Rouge Woman against the heroes and their assembled allies. After battling the heroes briefly, they and the rest of their fellow Robot Masters were caught up in the effects of the Super Genesis Wave, which rewrote all of reality, but then had their world restored to its former condition by Super Mega Man. (SU: #52, StH: #250, #251)


Buster Rod G is arrogant and hot-tempered, always ready for a fight. However, he also has something of an ego, which his enemies-like Sonic-are quick to take advantage of. Like many of the Robot Masters, Mega Water S is arrogant to a fault, though he is not without some anxiety in facing powerful opponents. Easily startled, he is quick to bluster, but even quicker to run away when the odds turn against him. Hyper Storm H is a bit slow, but focuses more on accomplishing his objectives than the other two.


Buster Rod G is a skilled combatant, particularly in the use of his namesake weapon: a large staff-like rod that he wields in battle. Agile and powerful, he has the ability to create copies of himself to aid him in battle. Mega Water S has the limited ability to control water, primarily to create projectiles or defensive shields. However, he is apparently unable to maintain his protective barriers for any great duration. He can also fire harpoon weapons at his enemies. Hyper Storm H was a large, formidable fighter, his most potent ability being the production of vortexes from his mouth. He could either blow enemies away or draw them towards him, the latter of which he often accompanied with physical blows.

Background Information

  • The Genesis Unit's name comes from their appearance in Mega Man: The Wily Wars, a Mega Man game released on the Sega Genesis. Ironically, this was also the system that the first Sonic the Hedgehog games were released on.
  • The members of the Genesis Unit are all based on characters from Journey to the West, a quality they share with a number of the Archie Sonic characters.
    • Buster Rod G is based on the Monkey King, Sun Wukong, a character who also inspired Monkey Khan. As a nod to this, Sonic commented that his fight with Buster Rod felt "familiar."
    • Mega Water S is based on the water manipulator, Sha Wujing.
    • Hyper Storm H is based on the pig-man, Zhu Bajie.

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