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Not to be confused with Gareth of the Mega Man X series.

Garek was a male Mobian Echidna who lived on Angel Island in the time of the Angel Island Civil War, which saw the birth of the Dark Legion. He was a member of the High Council of Echidnaopolis, and was in attendance at a meeting in which Guardian Steppenwolf appeared following the death of his father Edmund. Knowing that the Legion wanted Steppenwolf, Garek proposed handing him over, and held the Guardian at gunpoint. However, when Steppenwolf revealed that he was perfectly willing to lay down his life for the citizens of Echidnaopolis, including the man who was holding a gun to his chest, Garek broke down in tears. Touched by Steppenwolf's nobility, he proclaimed his unworthiness, but was consoled by an ever-humble Steppenwolf. (KtE: #3)

Background Information

  • Garek shares his name with a character from Star Trek: Deep Space Nine; it is unknown whether this was coincidental or planned by Ken Penders, who is known to be a fan of Star Trek.

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