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Not to be confused with Gate of the Mega Man X series.

The Gaia Gate in Apotos

The Gaia Gate is an ancient portal located in Apotos that is connected to Light Gaia and the Gaia Temples.


Upon arriving at the town temple, Gregorios escorted Sonic the Hedgehog, Antoine D'Coolette, and Chip to the hidden entrance to the Gaia Gate. There he proceeded to give them a basic rundown of the hidden temples' connected inner-workings and the need of the Sun and Moon Keys in order to enter them. Fearing that the information would eventually leak, he presented them with a list of the locations in which the various families possessing the keys resided. (StH: #271)

Background Information

  • The Gaia Gate appeared in Sonic Unleashed, where there were several of them located in various areas of the planet.
  • The ability to teleport to other Gaia temples likely comes from the Wii and PS2 versions of Sonic Unleashed which were the only versions to feature this ability, in the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions the Tornado is used to traverse the planet instead.

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