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G.O.O.N. forces appearing alongside Dark Egg Legionaires.

G.O.O.N. robots, their initials standing for Giants for Offensive Occupation and Nullification, are giant robots used by both Dr. Ivo Robotnik and his counterpart/successor, Dr. Eggman. Employed primarily in Mercia, they are typically used for overwhelming and capturing enemy groups. Despite their power and size, they are not highly intelligent, and have been easily overpowered or outwitted by members of both the Crazy Kritter Freedom Fighters and the Chaotix.


Supporting the Legion

After defeating several Dark Egg Legion forces, the Chaotix - Vector, Espio, and Charmy - were ambushed by G.O.O.N.s and several more backup. The G.O.O.N.s were destroyed by the Chaotix with the help of the Mercian Freedom Fighters, who are Bow Sparrow, Thorn the Lop, Friar Buck, Alan Quail, and Munch Rat. (SU: #46)

G.O.O.N.s were briefly seen surrounding the Chaotix and the Mercian Freedom Fighters  with Lord Hood and his minions, however the two groups managed to escape to Hideaway in the Deerwood Forest via Warp Ring. (SU: #47)

Background Information


G.O.O.N.s are gigantic robots that are at least three times taller than a typical Mobian. They resemble robotic cyclopes. They are mostly gray with a red line indicating its eye.

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