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You may be looking for the Light Mobius Future Freedom Fighters, or possibly the Dark Freedom Fighters.

A portrait of the Future Freedom Fighters

A version of the Future Freedom Fighters existed in at least one version of the timeline leading from Mobius Prime's present to the year 3437 P.X.E..


Formation and Legacy

At some unknown point prior to 3437 P.X.E., the Future Freedom Fighters were apparently formed. In Silver the Hedgehog's time, a library the time traveler was using for his research was home to a painting of this group. Furthermore, the ruined city of Portal featured a large statue of one of its members, Lara-Su. (StH: #215)

Background Information

  • While the original Future Freedom Fighters debuted in the Light Mobius reality, the presence of the artwork depicting them indicates that their counterparts apparently formed a team in the future of Mobius Prime as well. However, given the alterations that Silver's time traveling have caused to his future, the future formation of this group is left in question.

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