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Froggy is a frog native to the planet Mobius and a friend of Big the Cat.


Controlled by Chaos

When Froggy unknowingly drank from a puddle of water that was Chaos, he grew a tail. Following this he continued to act strangely. At that moment, a strange robot known as E-102 Gamma abducted Froggy, fleeing from Big and causing the latter to chase after them. Gamma took Froggy to the Egg Carrier where Gamma's creator Dr. Eggman borrowed a portion of Froggy's biological traits to help Chaos regain its physical structure. Big found Froggy on the Egg Carrier only for Chaos to show up to reclaim its tail. After being temporarily absorbed by Chaos, Froggy was rescued by Big. After this, the two returned to their home in the Mysterious Cat Country, using the Tornado to get there. Then Chaos attacked them seeking the Super Emerald in the plane. Big and Froggy teamed up with Sonic the Hedgehog, Tails, and Knuckles the Echidna to stop Chaos. Unfortunately, Froggy could only watch the fights against both Perfect Chaos and Silver Sonic II. After this, the two returned to their home again. (StH: #80, #82, #83, #84, #85, SSS: #13)

Life With Big

A year after the Chaos incident, Big attempted to make peace between the Wolf Pack Nation and the Felidae by trying to find the Ancient Onyx. Froggy accompanied him throughout this ordeal, but did little. He later moved along with Big to New Mobotropolis after his friend had been banished from his homeland. He continued to reside in New Mobotropolis as his buddy aided in protecting the city as a member of Team Freedom. (StH: #213, #214,#236)

Background Information

  • Froggy first appeared in the video game Sonic Adventure.
  • While classified as a Mobini, Froggy was shown to be self-aware and highly intellectual during his debut in the comics. (StH: #80)
    • Another Mobini frog was featured in the comics some years prior to the Sonic Adventure adaption. Like Froggy, this frog also appeared to be sentient, but it could apparently talk. It also had mystical powers and even a credit card account. (StH: #15)

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