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French Frirus was arguably one of Dr. Ivo Robotnik's lowest attempts at defeating the Knothole Freedom Fighters. The Frirus consists of tiny robotic germs that Robotnik sprinkled into some french fries. He then sold the potatoes at a phony fast food franchise, for the sole purpose of making the Freedom Fighters deathly ill, as their Auntie-Bodies were not strong enough to fight this disease. Everyone but Sonic the Hedgehog ate the tainted food, forcing Sonic to shrink himself and fight the Frirus himself. His unselfish actions against the Frirus's three components gave the Auntie-Bodies the courage to fight back. The Frirus was defeated, and the Freedom Fighters recovered. (StH: #33)



The Paris-Site.

The French Frirus actually consists of three components:

  • The Foreign Lesions: Sores that line the membrane walls serving as bodyguards. When an intruder comes across, they burst, spewing disgusting glop all over the intruder. Fortunately, Sonic destroyed this gross menace with one Sonic Spin.
  • Fever: A living flame that serves as a henchman. Physical contact is nigh impossible without burning oneself. Without his boss, however, Fever becomes a coward. Sonic managed to run around Fever, creating a vortex that removed the oxygen from Fever.
  • Paris-Site: A frog-like parasite that prefers not to do the dirty work himself. He is content to let his henchmen do the dirty work, softening up the opponents until he can dispatch them with one hit form his "Microbe-Bar." Before he could do so to Sonic, Rotor's Auntie-Bodie swiped the bar and killed Paris-Site with one swing. The Paris-Sites in the other Freedom Fighters were dispatched by their respective Auntie-Bodies, whose confidence and courage were restored.

Background Information

  • French Frirus is derived from French Fries and Virus. This explains the name Paris-Site. Likewise, the Foreign Lesions are a play on the French Foreign Legion, and lesion, which is a wound or a localized abnormal bodily change.

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