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Freedom Fighters of the Galaxy
Freedom Fighters of the Galaxy
First Appearance

Sonic the Hedgehog #103

Final Appearance

Sonic the Hedgehog #104

Form of Group and Statistics

Freedom Fighter group



Resident location 

The Freedom Fighters of the Galaxy are a group of Freedom Fighters from an alternate version of Mobius in which Sonic the Hedgehog was sent into space and came back 1000 years later to find the planet drastically changed. He became part of a new organization of Freedom Fighters made up mostly of descendants of the Knothole Freedom Fighters, challenging such threats as the Brass Knuckles and Robolactus.



The members of the Freedom Fighters of the Galaxy, with the exception of Sonik, are all descended from Mobians who fled Mobius after it was rendered uninhabitable. After 1000 years, they joined forces in order to defend their ancestral home (StH: #103)

Fighting the Brass Knuckles

The team encountered Sonik and Tailon when the pair were being attacked by an army of brass knuckles. They teamed up and defeated them, causing the hedgehog and fox to join the team.

Encounter with Robolactus

After sharing the team's formation story with Sonik and Tailon, they were attacked by the Silver Snively, who heralded the arrival of Robolactus (StH: #103). Sonik eventually manages to capture the Silver Snively in a tornado before hitting him with a psychokinetic blast. With him defeated, Hawkhawk flies off to try to prevent Robolactus from destroying Mobius, and the others are beamed aboard their spaceship. The team briefs Sonik and Tailon about Robolactus, who they then see preparing the Planet Juicer. Hawkhawk attacks him, and the rest of the team jump into action, fighting against both him and the Silver Snively before they talk Snively into convincing Robolactus to instead juice the home of The Shark, saving their planet and getting revenge on them.

Background Information

  • The Freedom Fighters of the Galaxy were created as a tribute to the original Guardians of the Galaxy, a team of superheroes from the future who fought to liberate the galaxy from an alien race.

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